Training Packages

I have a level of service for what packages you buy so higher the packages the more savings you get and better results for your investment in your health and Fitness. (More times a week you train with me the quicker the results)

  • Some packages have free nutrition advice! Some do not!
  • All my clients can phone or email me for help and advice with their training!
  • Consultation is Free! (Have a chat about your goals and fill in forms)

Prices are as below, please make sure you read the details for each package below.

Package 1 (1-2-1)

£344.00 for 8 x Sessions
£43.00 Per Session (1hr)           1 x session a week  for 8 weeks

Package 2 (1-2-1)

£492.00 for 12 x Sessions
£41.00 Per Session (1hr)           2-3 x session a week for 4-5 weeks

Package 3 (1-2-1)

£80.00 for 1 x Sessions & 4 weeks strength & Condition Programme
£80.00 Per Session (1hr)           1 x session every 4 weeks

Package 4 KB BUDDY (Kettlebells Sessions) (2-2-1)

£160.00 Total cost, £80.00 each person for 4 x Kettlebell Sessions
£40.00 Total cost, £20.00 each person (45 min) 1-2 x session a week for 2-4 weeks


Small Group Personal Training for Bigger groups

Bigger groups, companies, etc. please contact for a quote.


Health & Fitness Assessments

  • Fitness Assessment        £45.00          1hr

Health & Fitness Assessments are tailored to you and all depends on your goals.  In other words, if you are training for a sport (Triathlon, Jockey a runner, etc.), your fitness test would be different than someone being tested for the Armed Forces or General Fitness.

You must a Health & Fitness Assessment to start of with before you proceed with the main Personal Training sessions, all packages have Health & Fitness Assessment apart from KB Buddy. Please contact for details of the Health & Fitness Assessment


Discounts for Alpha Fitness Clients

And all clients get all these discounts as below.

  • Back on Track Injury Clinic (Newmarket) a Discount of 20%
  • BioGenesis Discount of 5% Please go to my Nutrition and Supplement page (LINK)

All Packages have a time limit as to Terms & Conditions.

For all Packages, Payment to be paid in advance when booking, as to Terms & Conditions.

All Prices and Packages are reviewed every couple of years.