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With the knowledge, experience, tried and tested ways of training, I know how to get you to your goals, in the gym, outside in the fresh air or in your own home (Home Training Limited Spaces), with or without equipment and make it fun and enjoyable.

With the wide range of skills, life experience, and qualifications and my past careers as an Ex-Professional Sportsman and Ex Armed Forces I will be suited to many types of people, from any walk of life Sports person (Professional or Amateur), House wife or House husband, someone just coming back from having baby Professional person and many more.

I know that when I was a Professional Sportsman, my fitness training and eating habits had to be aiming to what sport I was doing at that time.  The same as when I was in the Armed Force, my fitness training had to be aimed to being in the Armed forces and that I was and that I was ready for anything and be functionally fit for anything that daily life did throw at me!

With that in mind, the way I train people, if it is a sport specific then I will look into the sport that they do and aim their training to that sport and I have had a lot of good results with Triathletes Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Jockeys, People training for Obstacle Course Races and People who went on to joining the Armed Forces So they were Ready for their Sport or any task that they undertake!

And if they are people who just want General Fitness (Weight Loss, Improving Health, Shape and Toning).  I will look at what do in their daily life’s and aim their training to improving their life in a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, so they are Ready for Anything that life will throw at them!

If you have just come back from having an injury or you have a pass injury or aches and pains that is still causing you problems, I have an association with Back On Track Injury Clinic https://backontrackinjuryclinic.com  who I send all my clients to if you have any problems and if they give you rehab exercise to do on your own, I will integrate them into your weekly training routine and we will work together to get you back on track.  I even use them for myself and have been a great support to myself and my clients and you even get a discount with them if you are one of my clients.

Every client will receive a detailed, progressive and personalised programme.  Every session that you do with a Personal Trainer will be 40-60% more effective than by training alone, therefore the more you invest the greater the return, so – What level of results do you want?

All you need to do is be committed to the programme and listen to advice I give you.  The benefits of training with Alpha Fitness is

  • Specific Coaching (I will not just train you but coach you as well)
  • High levels of motivation.
  • Assess the exact point to move on & progress.

Training with me will help you with your normal daily lives and Improve:

  • Strength!
  • Power!
  • Endurance!
  • Cardiovascular Fitness!
  • Flexibility!
  • Core Strength!
  • Balance, Coordination and Agility!
  • Also you will feel great! More Confident! More Energy! And will help with Stress Levels!
  • Better Eating habits!

Alpha Fitness Personal Training Specialist Areas:

  • General Fitness (Weight Loss, Shape and Tone, Health diet, Overall Health and Well-being.  Getting rid of unwanted fat, improving tone and conditioning and increasing your body’s potential to grow and add shape.  Stronger, flatter, tighter abs and extra support for the spine. Reduce muscle tightness, stress and soreness and improve your movement range.  Get you to be able manage your food intake better to fit in with your life style and perform better in daily life).
  • Armed Forces Training (For anyone wanting to join the Armed Forces and make sure that they reach the right required standard for any of the Services in the Armed Forces).
  • Sport Specific (For improving Sporting Performance, stamina and making sure fuelling right for Performance.  Jockeys, Triathletes Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, People training for Obstacle Course Races).
  • Strength & Conditioning (This combination of training will not only improve your fitness but it will also make you structurally stronger allowing you to work harder, lift heavier in later phases of training thereby significantly improving your potential results).
Tim Wilson Newmarket Trainer

Training with me, you will have more confidence, more Self-esteem, look good, feel good, improve Posture and a healthier lifestyle that you have always wanted and Be Ready for Anything in a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body!