Sports Specific & Group Training


The training will improve your Clubs sporting performance and your Club Members will be stronger and better conditioned, and it will also help with injury prevention.  It is done with equipment or no equipment and the idea is not just to give your Club Members another training session to add to their training week, but also so your Club Members go away and have learnt something new, so your Club Members can add it to their training on their other days of their training week. 

I have over the years I have done some Strength & Conditioning Training for a couple of local Sports Clubs

Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Swimming Strength & Conditioning Training

During the Autumn, Winter and Spring months for a couple of years I have done Strength & Conditioning sessions for Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club with a lot of Success as it helped everyone that did Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Swimming.

Also, during the off season and leading up to the seasons I did Strength & Conditioning Sessions for Newmarket Hockey Club for a couple of years.

Jockey Strength & Conditioning Training

JockeyAs an Ex-Jockey, I know the importance of Strength and Conditioning and maintaining a low weigh for a Jockey and when I was riding many years ago, there was not the information out there, like there is now and lucky enough I had a family that helped and supported me and I did Running, Cycling, Swimming, Circuit Training (Strength and Conditioning) and some Jockey Training Skills and Drills also with Nutrition, I did all the silly things that you are not meant to do, until learnt the correct way of manging my eating habits and most of the other Jockey’s just sat in the Sauna and just staved themselves to maintain their weigh.

I have always said if I knew what I knew now, I would have been a lot stronger Jockey.  Over the years, I have trained Jockey’s from all levels from Apprentices to top level Jockeys and I have designed Specific training for Jockeys.

Class Diary & Descriptions

As well as Personal Training (1-1 and Small Group PT), I also teach 8 Group Classes a week at a few Gyms, so if you like training in a group, with like minded people in a nice friendly and fun classes.  With a bit of hard work! Pop along!!!!

Even if you start to do Personal Training with me and want to do a couple of classes a week, as well as the PT,  I can write that into your programme and depending on your goals, I can advise you on the best ones to do!!!!




Kevin Mechan

I have participated in Tim Wilsons' classes since 2011, in this time I have done both indoor and outdoor Circuit training, X-fitness, Vipr-blast, Spinning and TRX classes. These classes, particularly Circuits and X-fitness have helped me gain the strength and endurance levels required to compete in 2 Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest and 2 Spartan Race events, a 1/2 marathon and several 10km races.  Tim has many years of knowledge and expertise in this field and he takes time to teach good technique in his classes. He offers exercises to suit varying levels of ability, and will always ensure you are exercising in a safe manner.  I highly recommend Tim as a fitness trainer.


Jacqui Burns retail manager

I have been attending Tim's classes since the leisure centre opened 5 yrs ago. I started with body blitz a great class catering for all abilities, I then advanced to (what I would say) a high intensity class, Circuits and Outdoor circuits but Tim adjust his classes to suit the varying ability, then new classes which included Vipr blitz and X- Fitness
Tim was a massive support to a group of people to prepare us for Spartan Race and Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest, I never thought I could do anything like this but with Tim motivation and support I did.
Tim is very personable, he has a natural communication style and makes sure he introduces himself to everyone, finds out names etc.
He is always prepared to help, support you to reach your fitness goals.  I enjoy all his classes as there are always different, if I had to choose my favourite it would be hard.


Type of Classes I teach

  • X-Fitness
  • TRX
  • Body Blitz
  • Vipr
  • Circuit Training
  • Outdoor Fitness Classes
  • Freestyle Indoor Studio Cycling
  • Kettlebells

Where I teach

Newmarket Leisure Centre

    • I am not RESPONABLE if the any of the classes below is cancelled by the venue and is BEYOND MY CONTROL as I do not own the classes and just teach the classes for Newmarket Leisure Centre.  Please go to Newmarket Leisure Centre website on how to book in for the classes.  

Please read Important points as below!

When & Where (See below for class descriptions)






Indoor Cycling (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre


X-Fitness (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre


TRX (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre


Indoor Cycling (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre

Indoor Cycling (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre


TRX (45 min) (45 min)


Newmarket Leisure Centre


Body Blitz (1 hr)


Newmarket Leisure Centre

Important Points

  • They are all my regular classes.
  • I will update my classes time table ASAP
  • The only time I do not teach them is if I am on holiday, sickness and Courses.
  • Come along for a nice work out and enjoy J


Class Descriptions


High intensity strength and conditioning class that tests your stamina, agility, power and strength. Based on the popular Crossfit training methods.


Suspension training, using your bodyweight. Works the body functionally, engaging the core, working on strength, power, cardio, and balance.

Body Blitz

Body Blitz works on the Peripheral Heart Action System, which can give you the benefit of two different types of workout it increases the Weight loss, tone, strength and core of your muscles and hits you aerobic system as well! Using Body weight and Free weights! Great workout!

Indoor Cycling

A high energy class that blends cycling technique, great music and expert coaching to energise and inspire. A fantastic calorie burner for all fitness types.


ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, ViPR introduces a new concept in fitness and sports conditioning – Loaded Movement Training and it combines task-oriented movement patterning with resistance training. Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training is one of the oldest and best workouts you can do! Consisting of an all over body workout, involving Endurance, speed, Balance, Agility, Co-ordination, Flexibility & Cardiovascular Fitness etc.  You want to get the best results, and then this is the class for you! The class is suitable for all levels!

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness Class is a military style session, consisting of an all over body work out, involving Endurance, speed, Balance, Agility, Co-ordination, Flexibility & Cardiovascular Fitness etc.  You want to get the best results, and then this is the class for you! The class is suitable for all levels and will run come rain or shine!



Kettlebells will improve strength, Endurance, coordination and proprioception and it will help improving Aerobic and anaerobic fitness and is a good tool for fat loss and also get a good all over body workout.