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Reach Your Goals with Tim Wilson

Your local friendly personal trainer in Newmarket & Cambridge


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Tim has been working with many clients in the Newmarket and Cambridge area and takes great pride in the results he has achieved for broad range of people and has seen a lot of success stories!.



Name: Callum Wilkinson, Great Britain Race Walker

Goals: Sports Specific (To Improve Race Walking Performance)

Tim has been a vital member of my support team as strength and conditioning coach. His help has without doubt contributed hugely to my improvement as an athlete. Tim has worked with me from nationally ranked athlete to multiple British junior record holder. Tim's professionalism and athlete specific work ethic is just one of many reasons why I hold him in so high regard.


Name: Talib Hussain, Job: Apprentice Jockey
Goals: Sports Specific (Race Riding Fitness)

My time with Tim has been acceptingly brilliant! He has got me fitter than what, I was for the sport I do. I recommend Tim's specific training for every Sportsmen & Sportswomen that want to achieve their goals and get to the top of their physical performance. He also has got me eating right, which is a very important element to fitness and one of the main elements to being a Jockey. So if you like a challenge? Get yourself too Tim. He is an excellent guy and he will push's you to the very top of your ability!


Name: Antony Moyes,
Job - Investment Fund Manager

I was referred to Tim via a joint connection because I had got to the point after years of developing my business that I wanted a work life balance, which meant taking a little time out of my diary, twice a week, to take some exercise. I wasn't much of a 'gym' person, although had started cycling, but wanted an 'all round workouts.' Tim was amazing, he sat me down and discussed / designed a workout programme, to include time with him integrated with my mountain bike cycling, and we set to work. This was four years ago, and we are still working together, twice a week working in the gym, plus a little running and cycling in my own time at weekends. It's got to the point now where this has turned out to be a complete change in the way I live my life and I now feel much better about myself physically and personally.

Part of Tim's work I have come to appreciate the most is the time and effort he puts into my programme, outside of our time together in the gym. We may have an hour, twice a week, but he will spend this time again in his own time developing programmes for me to advance to periodically. I am more aware now after the time we have spent together, and my listening to other people's trainers' experiences, that there are PT trainers and there are PT trainers. I get a new programme every, 5 - 6 weeks and I am aware of programmes for other people, with other trainers, that haven't changed for 12 months.

I am really very happy with his professionalism and dedication, and I wouldn't want another trainer again.


Name: Jasmine Kemp-Reynolds
Goals: To pass the Pre-joining fitness test for the Royal Air Force.

I only had a sort time with Tim (8 sessions to be exact) due to limited time before my fitness test. Right of the bat he was very professional and easy to talk to and even managed to work around my very short time frame. Without Tim's knowledge and expertise, I doubt I'd be where I am now. I really struggled with running 1.5 Miles in under 13.23 minutes, before training with Tim I was running it in 16.00 minutes. Tim had done all the research needed and carefully planned each session, so we got the most out of them. We done a mixture of strength training and cardio. My cardio sessions involved a lot of intervals running which improved my speed, stamina and breathing tremendously. As well as having all the knowledge Tim has a great repour, he's encouraging, motivating and pushes you to do your best which really helps mentally push you through. Not only does he plan the sessions but also sent me the workout plans so I'm able to continue. My overall fitness has improved (stretching, flexibility, cardio, and strength) and I did pass my fitness test!! Tim is a great guy all around and I highly recommend, you can have some great conversations and a bit of military banter between the forces if you're lucky! He will make you feel very comfortable. I'm so glad to have trained with him and will hopefully do so again in the future.


Name: Stephanie Bancroft, Job: Apprentice Jockey
Goals: Sports Specific (Race Riding Fitness)

I am an Apprentice Jockey and although, I had a few rides approximately 3 years ago I had a long break from race riding and only resumed earlier this year. I soon realised that if I was to be successful, I needed to improve my all-round fitness and stamina. I asked Tim to help me and for the past 3-4 months I have received individual attention and assistance from him. He has created a programme specific to my needs with the results that I have improved enormously and this has been apparent in my efforts both in riding work on the gallops at home and also in my rides on the track. Tim is always kind and approachable but at the same time expects me to try my hardest and push myself in order that I achieve the standards of which I am capable. I am very grateful to him.


Name: Robert Speers, Job: Racing Manager
Goals: To Improve Cycling Performance.

I personal trained with Tim on a weekly basis for 18 months following a long period of inactivity after a serious knee injury. The long term goal was to cycle from John O Groats to Lands End on a charity ride. Tim built an excellent plan for me to follow which worked on my core strength, general fitness, and agility. The plan was easy to follow and always took in to consideration my knee injury, it also came with excellent diet advice. As I got stronger and fitter the plan adjusted accordingly, and was adapted to suit cycle specific exercises. Tim also done an excellent job of tailoring my training around events and bike races always delivering to start line in great shape. On the 21st September 2013 I completed Lands End to John O Groats (1060 miles in 8 days) This wouldn't have been possible without Tim's help


Name: Sandie Jardine, Job: Oncology link Nurse, TA Medical Officer
Goals: To better past running, cycling and triathlon times.

As an experienced marathon runner and triathlete I had become what can only be termed as my own worst enemy and a plodder! Settled at doing events at my own pace I became stagnant. Wanting to improve my triathlon distance to Ironman 70.3 I have been training with Tim for almost a year and throughout this period I have seen my overall fitness, strength and endurance improve steadily without any overuse injuries which is often the case when I have pushed myself too far without proper guidance.
Tim's approach is `drive hard within achievable goals` and always remember that there is usually more in the tank than you think to go that extra mile. His training sessions for me are individually planned and are focused towards my sport which is triathlon specific sessions which incorporate strength and stamina. I have seen good overall improvement in my fitness since starting my training programmes and can not endorse Tim`s methods and training sessions enough.
He motivates and encourages you to give 100% at each session and will takes a firm view that if you are prepared to put the effort in then so will he! Individual training logs are prepared and given to clients to ensure that records of improvement can be seen and goals adapted according to those improvements ensuring continued progress which is something that every sports person wants to see. Thank you Tim!


Name: Anthony Preece, Job: Accountant
Goals: To better past running, cycling and triathlon times.

I have learnt so much since I started training with Tim, his sessions specifically target the muscle groups that I use in my chosen activities. It is the commitment to regular training sessions that pushes me to train regularly in-between the sessions which continually improves my fitness. Tim is very good at adapting the training sessions and programmes to fit into my busy times throughout the year. His ability to push you when you think you have nothing left to give and the variety of every training session makes me look forward to seeing Tim again. He is always punctual, greets you with a smile and enthusiastic to get the sessions started.


Client: Rhiannon Morga Job: Vet
Goals: Shaping & Tone, Strength, Getting fit for a Triathlon.

Tim is a highly motivational instructor; his workouts are personally tailored to fit your ability and goals which make them more enjoyable, coupled with Tim's enthusiasm it makes working out a lot easier! I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone wanting to get a lot fitter.


Client: Chrissie Warden Job: Unemployed
Goals: General Join the Army

I have already done my Selection test for the Army which includes a 1.5 mile run in under 14 minutes. The first time I did this test I was not training with Tim and I did it in 14.04. After failing the test once I decided to have Tim train me and help improve my running. I did not think it was possible for me to get my time down for the mile and a half run even with professional help. Tim and I have been training together for roughly a month doing hill work, upper body strength, Intervals etc. When I first did my run with him I achieved 14.20, after having trained with him 3-4 times a week, I have managed to get my time down to 13.06. I recently attended Pirbright Army selection centre for a re-test and I was surprised to see how much my fitness had improved along with my run time. I have passed this time with help from Tim and if I wasn't joining the army I would stay on having Tim as my trainer. Tim has improved my fitness and mental attitude in the last month more than I thought was possible, he has now given me the confidence in myself to keep going and not give up. I couldn't have done it without him.


Client: Jason Papworth Job: Hospital Worker
Goals: Get fit for joining the Army.

After 4 months with Tim my fitness has greatly improved in both Cardiovascular and strength in preparation for the armed forces and in particular improving in the aspects vital for completion of PARA selection. Sticking to a tough Work out plan including various strength exercises, Circuit training and (of course) plenty of cardio, I feel my over all Fitness and well-being has increased dramatically. For example: my previous TA 1.5 mile run time was 12.41 and my recent time for regular army selection was 10.15 and I feel I am still Improving with the personal training I receive from Tim. Not only is it my fitness that has improved but also by doing various stretches, my flexibility as well which is vital for preventing injury. Thanks to Tim I am 100% confident that I am in great shape to complete Basic Army Training with no fitness complications at all. Awesome training all round!!


Client: John Chester Job: Managing Director
Goals: Weight loss, increased fitness, and lower blood pressure.

Having been told by the Doctor that I needed to lower my blood pressure, and lose weight, and not wanting to go on medication I knew I had to sort myself out! My occupation coupled with a severe lack of discipline in making time for exercise, meant the only realistic option was to use the services of a Personal Trainer. I contacted Tim through his website, and was impressed by the quick response, and the fact that he was very busy and I had to wait a couple of weeks for our first appointment – obviously a good sign! Tim was very thorough in his approach and appraisal of my goals, at no point was it a 'hard sell' and I very much got the feeling Tim's focus was on doing everything he could to help me achieve the objectives I desired. After 7 weeks of training, I have lost just over 6 kilos in weight, and both my blood pressure and body fat have reduced significantly. This is the first time I have ever achieved weight loss and health improvements with exercise, and Tim's dedication and effort has started to pay dividends. Whilst I freely admit that there are times when I would like to 'duck out' of one of the training sessions, Tim always makes sure the sessions are varied and interesting, and he is excellent at encouraging you and getting the best out of you. Thanks Tim!


Client: Peter Brown Job: Nurse
Goals: General Fitness & Weight Loss.

Working in the health sector, informing clients and patients about health and fitness is central to my job role, this also brings home to me the necessity of a fit and healthy lifestyle and when I first started after graduating from university, my lack of it. Three years of student living had not helped my physique either and motivation is not my strong point. Tim's 'No Fuss' approach to fitness enabled me to achieve goals that I thought were near impossible for me. I felt the value for money for the type of thorough training and fitness plan was for me, unbeatable. Tim provided me with 100% motivation and the training programme devised to fit in with my work roster was perfect.
I lost over 15 Kilograms over two programmes with Tim, have improved my physical fitness and feel a much improved and healthier person. I'm definitely more confident in my work and have used Tim's fitness plan at home to continue developing my fitness and maintaining my weight. The training I have with Tim, for me is totally
individual and truly personalised, I doubt I would ever have achieved half as much of what I have if it wasn't for the approach Tim took with me and can't really thank him enough


Client: Sue Allot Job: HR Manager
Goals: Improve fitness, Weight Loss, Shaping & Tone.

Tim has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months and the results that I have achieved are fantastic. For the first time in my life people have commented on how fit and toned I look! Tim spent time with me to work on my own personal goals and then has supported me with these tailored programmes throughout this time. I can work on these programmes with Tim or on my own which really helps me to push myself to improve as well. The training programme that I have taken has been 1:1 training, buddy training and I have also attended Tim's classes which are excellent. Tim has pushed me to achieve far more than I thought was possible and continues to motivate me to improve. I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants to improve their personal fitness and to achieve great results with his encouragement and support.


Client: Tom Budgett Job: Lawyer
Goals: General Fitness, Skiing, tennis, golf

I am a busy professional person and have some difficulty shoe-horning a regular fitness regime into my calendar. A commitment to sessions with Tim has been invaluable in this respect. I have benefited greatly from Tim's thorough and informed approach and his attention to the detail necessary to achieve the results required. His instructions and programmes have been clear and easy to follow (aided by some excellent illustrations of the exercises prescribed). He is a scrupulous timekeeper and thoroughly reliable. He is also flexible, within reason, when sessions have to be re-scheduled. I am sorry to lose Tim as my personal trainer and wish him well for the future.


Client: Kate Budgett Job: Lawyer
Goals: General Fitness & Sport Specific

I have been training with Tim for over a year. I have found his programmes very helpful. He listens carefully to my goals and then designs a plan specifically aimed at those goals. From September 2007 my goal was to get myself ready for skiing. Tim's programme was imaginative and by the time February came, I was more prepared for skiing than I have ever been in the past.
Tim is always reliable and punctual and I have been very happy with his help.


Client: Kevin Mechan

I have participated in Tim Wilsons' classes since 2011, in this time I have done both indoor and outdoor Circuit training, X-fitness, Vipr-blast, Spinning and TRX classes. These classes, particularly Circuits and X-fitness have helped me gain the strength and endurance levels required to compete in 2 Men's Health Survival of the Fittest and 2 Spartan Race events, a 1/2 marathon and several 10km races. Tim has many years of knowledge and expertise in this field and he takes time to teach good technique in his classes. He offers exercises to suit varying levels of ability and will always ensure you are exercising in a safe manner. I highly recommend Tim as a fitness trainer.


Client: Jacqui Burns

I have been attending Tim's classes since the leisure centre opened 5 yrs ago. I started with body blitz a great class catering for all abilities, I then advanced to (what I would say) a high intensity class, Circuits and Outdoor circuits but Tim adjust his classes to suit the varying ability, then new classes which included Vipr blitz and X- Fitness Tim was a massive support to a group of people to prepare us for Spartan Race and Men's Health Survival of the Fittest, I never thought I could do anything like this but with Tim motivation and support I did. Tim is very personable, he has a natural communication style and makes sure he introduces himself to everyone, finds out names etc. He is always prepared to help, support you to reach your fitness goals. I enjoy all his classes as there are always different, if I had to choose my favourite it would be hard.