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Sports Specific

Sports and Tactical Specific Fitness Training

I have trained people for Specific sports for 1-2-1 and large and Small groups and the training will improve the sporting performance and you will be stronger and better conditioned, and it will also help with injury prevention. It is done with equipment or no equipment and the idea is not just to give you another training session to add to your training week, but also so you go away and have learnt something new, I have trained a couple of local clubs a well as 1-2-1 PT.

As you see below, I have done training for people from Triathlon, Hockey, Race Walking, Jockeys, Obstacle Course Training, HYROX and the Armed Forces/Tactical Training and many more.

Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Swimming Strength & Conditioning Training

During the Autumn, Winter and Spring months for a couple of years I have done Strength & Conditioning sessions for Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club with a lot of Success as it helped everyone that did Triathlon, Cycling, Running and Swimming.


Also, during the off season and leading up to the seasons I did Strength & Conditioning Sessions for Newmarket Hockey Club for a couple of years.

Sport Specific

Jockey Strength & Conditioning Training

As an Ex-Jockey, I know the importance of Strength and Conditioning and maintaining a low weigh for a Jockey and when I was riding many years ago, there was not the information out there, like there is now and lucky enough I had a family that helped and supported me and I did Running, Cycling, Swimming, Circuit Training (Strength and Conditioning) and some Jockey Training Skills and Drills also with Nutrition, I did all the silly things that you are not meant to do, until learnt the correct way of manging my eating habits and most of the other Jockey's just sat in the Sauna and just staved themselves to maintain their weigh.

I have always said if I knew what I knew now, I would have been a lot stronger Jockey. Over the years, I have trained Jockey's from all levels from Apprentices to top level Jockeys and I have designed Specific training for Jockeys.

With working as a Fitness Coach at the British Racing School in Newmarket and that I also work as an Assistant Instructor in the yard assisting the instructors with their students with the riding lessons and simulator training, I have designed a specific strength and conditioning training programme for the students to improve with their riding and getting great results.

Race Walking

A few years ago I started training a young high level race walker who has been very successful and when he moved away I started training his younger brother who has gone on to be successful himself, I had no experience in Race walking apart from it was part of one of my courses and I managed to write and train them with what I researched and helped them with their Strength and Conditioning to help them with their successful careers.

Armed Forces/Tactical Training

With my back ground of being an Ex-Army Physical Training Instructor which I did for 10 or my 12 years in the Army keeping the soldiers in my regiment and then working at a Training Wing training recruits they had to be at a high standard of fitness that was required of them and what a lot of people do not understand that they are tactical athletes and had to be trained like athletes, so they could go out and and perform all the challenging and daily task that was thrown at them and also for myself my own standard of fitness had to be higher than them as I was teaching them, but also educate them in how to look after themselves in their own time. Over the years I have had a few clients, either still in the Armed Forces or joining up and had a very high success rate with them getting the high standards of fitness to join up or maintain there fitness for their annual tests and assessments.

Obstacle Course Training

Over the years Obstacle Courses racing has been on the up, some have taken it serious or some just for fun, yes that is right fun! I have a lot of experience in training people for Obstacle Course and funny enough that started in the Army as it was one of my Jobs as a Physical Training Instructor which come under Obstacle Course Instructor and that is with or without kit on to get over Obstacles and use have to run Competitions when needed. But as with the civilian side I have done training from showing how to get over the Obstacles and how to make sure that they are doing the correct Strength and Conditioning training so the are ready for the race, also the biggest thing is the rope climbs and have help so many people with this and have access to climbing ropes in the gym I PT from.


HYROX combines both running & functional exercises stations, where people run 1km followed by a functional exercise station and carries on for 8 times in total and is open to everyone both professional athletes and every day fitness enthusiasts and the functional exercise stations are the following: Ski Erg, Sled Push, Sled Pull, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmers Carry, Sandbag Lunges, Wall Balls. The format for the race is the same for every race and has different divisions and categories: Open, Pro, Doubles and Relay, male, female and mixed. With the fact I am a HYROX Head Judge and a HYROX certified Coach and that I have competed in the singles and did quite well, I know what is required for training for the events.