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Personal Training That Gets Results

Your local friendly personal trainer in Newmarket & Cambridge


I do the following, 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions for 30 min or 1 hr and Small Group Personal Training. (2-8 in a Group, please enquire for more details) I have various time slots, though out the week.

  • I can train you outside in the fresh air in a public area that I have permission to use.
  • Limited home Personal Training slots as well. (Spaces are Limited and cost more than the Gym bases sessions)

If we are indoors or outdoors, your session will be it fun and enjoyable whatever the weather and get you to your goals.

This is some of the kit I use and have access to depending on where I train my clients.

  • * TRX Suspension Training Sytem
  • * Kettlebells
  • * Olpmipic Weights & Bars
  • * Climbing Ropes
  • * Gymnastic Rings
  • * Rig
  • * Glute Hamspring Developer
  • * Battling Rope
  • * TRX Rip Trainer
  • * Dumbells
  • * Power Bags/Sandbags
  • * Wall Balls
  • * Slam Balls
  • * Medicine Balls
  • * Boxes
  • * Restance Bands
  • * Foam Roller
  • * ABS Mat
  • * Rowers
  • * Air Assault Bike
  • * Ski ERG
  • * And Your Own Body Weight

Your Personal Training Journey

Depends on which package you go for and if it is 1-2-1 or Small Group Personal Training, but all start with a Consultation and filling in some forms.

Stage 1

I will email you some forms to fill in and email me back before your Consultation. (depending on your answers, you might be required to see a Dr before I start training you).

Stage 2

Free Consultation to see what you want to get out of personal training and got though your forms and It is also time to see if I am the right Personal Trainer for you, but that also swings both ways as I can see if you are the right type of person that I want to train.

Stage 3

First Personal Training session Induction to the Gym, Health & Fitness Assessments, to give you a start point and a benchmark and the assessment are tailed specifically to your goals Also see if you have any health problems in over words if the assessments show that you have high blood pressure, etc (If anything does show up, you will be required to see a Dr before I start training you).

Stage 4

Second Personal Training session with the results of your Health & Fitness Assessments and with what level of fitness you are and that you are an individual you will get a bespoke Personal Training programme and we will start you off with building the foundations of improving your health and fitness (Improving Strength & Conditioning, Flexibility and Core Strength)

Stage 5

Future Personal Training sessions will be progressive and challenging and will be adapted and changed as you progress! Depending on your package, you will get either advice on what to do on your own or I will write you a programme to do on your own so on the days you are not training with me you will have something to do! again depends on your package and It will involve you a lot of hard work and if you put 80-100% effort in! You will get 80-100% out of it!

More you put in and invest the more you will get out of it! At the end of the day you are investing in your Health and Fitness for a better way of life!