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Reach Your Goals with Tim Wilson

Your local friendly personal trainer in Newmarket & Cambridge


Membership of Professional Organisations
UK Strength & Conditioning Association

Experience & Background

I left school with the dream of Joining the Army or becoming a Jockey, well I did both!

As a kid I was a very Keen horse rider from a very young age and went to one of the top riding school in the U.K. represented them in showing competitions. I also was very keen at Shooting, Swimming and Cross Country and ran for the Army Cadets.

At school I was not very good at team sports like Football and Hockey but did like Rugby and did play one half of a game for them and I put a lot of effort into the training at lunch times. But because I was very small, and the bigger lads always got picked for the team. So, I put my time into my horse-riding swimming, shooting. When it comes to climbing the ropes, gym rings, the Wooden horse, and Beams (Strength, Agility and Balance) I put the bigger lads to shame, which with that type of training helped me later on in life. My older brother was a very good runner, Amateur Boxer and was a Jump Jockey taught me to Box at 11 years old and gave me a lot of encouragement with my running and my fitness, from a young age and though the early years of me being a Jockey.

In my previous years I experienced a fulfilling career with great success as a Professional jockey, in both the UK & overseas and riding winners in five Countries for 11 years (UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Germany with my last season riding was in England). My riding career ended with accident in the Starting stalls at Pontefract racecourse. After a very hard decision and not a lot of opportunities as a natural lightweight Jockey at 7st 10lb, It come to the point in my race riding career that I had to make a decision, to carry on at an age of 30 which I would have had to go back aboard as I would have had better opportunities or pack up and retrain to do something else. I got a Job as a Work Rider with one of the big trainers in Newmarket, and when I packed up race riding, I joined the Territorial Army, as well as retraining for something else to do with my life.

I ran for my Regiment in Cross Country races and had been in many Army competitions, shooting, Obstacle Course, & Military, etc. I ended my 12 years in the Territorial Army in 2011 at the rank of Sgt, with the post of Senior Physical Training Instructor at a Training Wing. Training Recruits and running the Physical Training for the Wing. I had to take the advice to Discharge after I had a bad accident with my knee if I had been put in front of a Medical Officer, I would have been Medical downgraded.

Along the same time in the TA in 2006, I did my Personal Training Course. So, with working in the week as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, for many gyms and private clients as well as a Soldier at Weekends I managed to maintain my fitness to a high standard and have a home life. I have run a London marathon, done a, Helly Hansen Adventure Race, a couple of Swimathon and did Kick boxing for three years and have competed in Triathlons, Dualthlon, Crossfit and now compete in HYROX events and also back riding horses again after many years break from it.

Over the years as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor for the follow gyms, In the past I have work for Frank Lee Centre, The Barn, and Parkfit, LA Fitness, Greens Health & Fitness, David Lloyds, Brandon Leisure Centre, Mildenhall Leisure Centre and was Park Manger to British Military Fitness, Be Military Fit and Newmarket Leisure Centre the same time run my own PT Business have also been Personal Trainer some high level clients over the years.

I am also a Head Judge and certified Coach for HYROX and, I am a Fitness Coach for the British Racing School in Newmarket, the HQ of Horse racing.

I am very dedicated, passionate and have a lot a pride in what I do in my Job!


  • * Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • * HYROX Coach
  • * Advanced Level 3 in Personal Training
  • * Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • * TRX Advanced Group Training Instructor Course (AGTC Level 3)
  • * TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC Level 2)
  • * TRX Group Suspension Training Instructor Course (GSTC Level 2)
  • * TRX Functional Training Instructor Course (FTC Level 1)
  • * TRX Suspension Training Instructor Course (STC Level 1)
  • * TRX Trainer Summit UK


  • * Ultimate Kettlebell Instructor
  • * Kettlebell Training
  • * Fitness Training for Triathlon (Endorsed by Triathlon England)
  • * Running Technique Instructor Training
  • * Nutritional Adviser
  • * Advanced Nutrition for Physical Performance
  • * Circuit Training
  • * Vipr Instructor
  • * Level 2 in Group Indoor Cycling
  • * Spinning Instructor
  • * British Military Fitness Instructor
  • * Boxercise Instructor
  • * Water Fitness Aqua Instructor Course

Army School of Physical Training

  • * Obstacle Course Instructor
  • * UKA Athletics Coach Level 2
  • * UKA Athletics Assistant Coach Level 1
  • * Physical Training Instructor Intermediate
  • * Physical Training Instructor Basic Module 3 in Strength Development
  • * Physical Training Instructor Basic Module 2 in Endurance
  • * Physical Training Instructor Basic Module 1 in Safety & Injury Prevention
  • * Physical Training Instructor Class 3
  • * Aerial Slide Controller
  • * Physical Training Instructor Refresher
  • * Basic Instructional Techniques (NVQ)